GENEVA – GENealogical EVents and Activities

One reason why many people enjoy genealogy so much is the chance to travel and meet like-minded people with whom they can share knowledge, research tips, information and experiences. And with dozens of events going on all over the UK and Ireland, wouldn’t it be great to have a central repository of forthcoming events and activities to enable amateur and professional genealogists to plan their future travels?

Well, the Internet being what it is, it should come as no surprise that someone’s already taken the initiative to come up with one!

GENEVA, the Calendar of GENealogical EVents and Activities, is a joint project between GENUKI (the virtual reference library of genealogical information for the UK and Ireland) and the Federation of Family History Societies (an association for genealogical societies with a  interest in England, Wales and Ireland). It lists dozens of special events, fairs, talks and other activities in the United Kingdom and Ireland, with a link to each event’s website or web page.

The list’s compiled by Malcolm Austen for GENUKI and the FFHS. At present the focus is heavily on England and Wales, but the calendar’s open to events all over the world – “just as long as they pertain to UK & Irish ancestry”, as Malcolm says.

So if you’re gripped by genealogical Wanderlust, or if your local society has an event that you’d like to publicise – or even if you’re planning an event and are keen to avoid clashes with other events nearby – why not visit the GENEVA website?

GENEVA – online calendar of GENealogical EVents and Activities