Online Genealogical Research Engine (OGRE)

The Online Genealogical Research Engine for free genealogy in Wales is a great resource for anyone wishing to trace their Welsh roots.

With an extensive and ever-expanding catalogue of transcripts from parish records, 19th-century censuses and land ownership returns, it’s rich in official data for births, marriages, deaths and settlements. South Wales is especially strongly represented, particularly Monmouthshire (Gwent) and Glamorgan, but records for other parts of Wales are there too if your Welsh family history lies in, say, Flintshire or Merioneth. (The 1873 Returns for Owners of Land are also available for Scotland and Ireland.)

As if that wasn’t enough, there are even sections recording the inscriptions on war memorials, monuments and gravestones.

All of the data is freely available online, although some of the data sets are also available for purchase to help pay the site’s running costs.

And if all that wasn’t enough, there are several links to other useful online resources.

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